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You are here because you are interested in a side hustle. You understand the value of multiple streams of income. You may have lost your job or your hours have been cut down during this pandemic. If only you had more time and more money to make it all come together.

I was there too. Instead of picking up a bunch of extra 12 hours shifts in the hospital, I got creative, and we’ve had amazing results.

If you are in the same place, then we want to train and coach you to have the same type of success so that you can pursue your dreams too! Please note – THIS IS NOT FOR LEGAL NURSE SUB CONTRACTOR GIGS. This is to work with Lalaine and her Network Marketing Team. Many people still have pretty archaic beliefs about network marketing.

If we were to coach and mentor you to success, would you be willing to give it a shot? Only those most serious need apply! You must be willing to put in the work. PLEASE ONLY FILL IN THIS APPLICATION to request more information on working with Lalaine and her team in her network marketing company.

I understand this is an application to work with Lalaine in her Network Marketing Company *

Desired Side Hustle Monthly Income

Thanks for submitting!

Lalaine will be connecting with you via Facebook Messenger/ text to talk about your goals. Your information is kept strictly confidential and will not be shared.

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