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As Legal Nurse Consultants, our job is to provide our expertise in nursing, medicine and the overall healthcare system in various medical cases or claims. As professionals, we act as liaisons between the healthcare and legal field, to educate attorneys on the medical components of the case at hand. 


Medical Records Assessment and Case Analysis

By using our extensive and specialized clinical knowledge, we are able to screen and investigate cases for merit, identify record tampering and fraud, translate medical jargon into layman’s terms, and more.

Support the Attorney’s Case

Whether it’s a plaintiff or a defendant, we use our expertise to support the attorney’s case. We research and integrate literature and standards/guidelines into the case analysis, as well as analyze the validity of the studies being utilized by all parties involved.

Serve as the Attorney’s Liaison

Understanding medical jargon can be difficult if you’re not in the medical field. That’s why Legal Nurse Consultants act as the liaison between the attorney and healthcare providers, as well as testifying experts, parties witnesses and other medical consultants. Additionally, we can conduct interview to plaintiff and defense clients, key witnesses and experts to further boost your case.

Assist with Discovery and Preparation for Court

Once it’s time to make a court appearance, we will assist in any and all preparation that our expertise permits. We will review, analyze and summarize depositions, prepare questions for interrogation, draft responses to legal documents and more. We can attend depositions, trials, review panels and arbitration and mediation hearings. Coordinate and assist in facilitating focus groups and mock trials. 

We can also assist in resolution of cases through alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation

Nurse Life Care Planning (NLCP)

Some cases require a numerical figure to present in court regarding future cost of care for those who have suffered catastrophic or complicated injuries. Our medical knowledge combined with additional research and analysis of billing audits permit us to approximate the medical costs your client may face.


Medical Expert for Case Review and Expert Testimony


US Legal Nurses Consulting is equipped to find the necessary medical experts needed for case review and testimony. Our process is customized on a case by case basis and what the attorney needs. In addition to our vast and ever-expanding database, we also use our connections with hospitals, colleges, healthcare institutes and other professional collaborators in our field to find the medical expert the attorney needs. A suitable and accredited medical expert can make or break a case, therefore we carefully conduct extensive research and interviews to refer the perfect medical expert to our attorney clients.

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